Gypsy shielding from the Cold

There I was walking down the lonely street, little did I know who I would now meet

Upon the turn, under the lonely street lamp,the night was heavy , misty and damp

Stood she, with her hair flowing and her eyes deeply set and bold

I found my solace in them, like a gypsy shielding from the cold

Like a balm she was, on withered nerves

Arms like a warm blanket on a frosty day

Warmth that traveled in my veins, my curdling blood has found its flow

Slowly creeping on my face, spreading a mild glow

Never can I forget her eyes that sparkled mysteriously,

when so beautiful they were , as I told

I found my solace in them, like a gypsy shielding from the cold.

Her smooth skin like an innocent new born child

Hair that would mess and stray about, like flowers in the wild

The way her slender fingers, amassed her flowing hair

She gathered the pieces of my heart and made her place there

Every time I would say goodbye, her speak able eyes would go misty within their mold

I found my solace in them, like a gypsy shielding from the cold.

Her presence in my life, was like fresh dew upon the sleepy morning grass

Her soul  entwined and combined in me, like towards fire , myriad pieces of broken glass

Those sexy moaning sounds her voice made, the heart-touching words she always said

Her smile that captured everyone and how seeing me, her eyes danced within her eyelids fold

I had found my solace within them once…. like a gypsy shielding from the  cold.


When the Soul loves.

Love is not an emotion. Love is a Person. A person who has all the emotions that make you feel to WANT them and eventually NEED them. And THIS feeling Never changes, even if the person does. Well technically that’s how it should be..But sadly it doesn’t. To err is Human. to Change is Human. And the only thing that is constant in a Human is their Soul. So unless you have really fallen in love with the soul of a Human and absolutely nothing else, then you would every now and then keep falling out of love.

If you thinking all love stories start with falling in love with the soul of another person, then let me tell you, chances are that is true just one minuscule percent of the time. Rest every single time, love has its myriad forms. You fall in love with her smile, his physique, her figure, his wealth. her understanding nature, his humor , her patience, his strong attitude and so much, much more.

Only when you fall in love with the Soul of the person that’s when all that you have loved until now seems nothing. The power of the Soul outnumbers all the qualities of the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

When asked on a recent survey what is the first thing that men and women notice in a person the highest votes went for: Overall Personality, Smile, Positive Attitude, Sense of Humor, Professional position, Similar Likes.

All the possible qualities and No Spark.

” I heard her name for the first time somewhere and I felt as if THIS very girl , I want to see. Irrespective who she is, what she is, what she does or how she even looks. Just the sound of her name, and I want to know her more”. Does this happen anymore?

” He walks in to a room full of people. He does not have a Greek God personality. But there is something that makes me want to see him. Again. And again. Something that says that I should know him. Who he is, what he is, what does he do, No idea. But for some reason I want to know this very person. ” Does this happen anymore?

All this and more sounds very irrational in the times that we live in. But when this does happen and if you go ahead with this feeling, then there isn’t any feeling, which I believe, greater than this. Because somewhere way above the universe your soul has chosen this person much before you could even decide.

Marrying someone, staying with someone and being with someone who loves you and you don’t or to improve a relationship is like gambling to become rich. Most of the time, and more likely always, you will only lose what you had. Commitment can be a wonderful experience, but from what the truth teaches, it’s not appropriate for everybody. Pause, step back and reflect until you become aware of what`s best for you and your partner.  Don’t be with him/her because they need you, but because you Want to. Dating for a couple of years and marrying because it is the next best thing to do, is not an answer. Marrying because you both feel the need to wake up next to that very person and grow old with that person is the reason.

For example, if you’re not destined to be involved right now, you have a choice of accepting it, concentrating on other areas of your life and preparing for a new relationship, or allowing it to cause you unhappiness. As another example, if you meet a wonderful person with whom you are destined to share a short-term, mutually compatible relationship rather than a life-long one, you have a choice of accepting this and enjoying it for what it’s meant to be, or allowing the fated ending to cause you unhappiness. You can take the high road or the low road. Reacting out of love rather than fear will create a better life.

A true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. A true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake – Elizabeth Gilbert

If you realize who your true soul mate is within time, you would hold them and never let them go. If you let go, they are never coming back. As the way they tip toed in with a little spark, same way they shall tip toe out,  igniting in your soul a fire that shall never again go out. Everything else around remains the same. But you will never be the same again. Love may knock the doors of your heart many a times, but being in love with a soul? It never knocks ever again, because it never did when it first walked in.

P.S. Break someone’ s heart and it will heal with time. Break someone’s Soul and an eternity will surpass but the Broken Soul may never be whole again.


If You Want To Be A Writer, This Is For You

So very True! If you love it, you will eventually end up doing it.

Thought Catalog


You’ve known it for years.

When you were 4, story time was your favorite activity, and you’d always ask your parents for more books, more words, less pictures, more fairytale. You wanted the meat of it, you wanted the words to ignite your imagination. When you learned to write, you began writing your own stories, your letters a stick-scrawl that didn’t pay attention to the lines on the page, but that didn’t matter to you. You were the only child who didn’t groan during poetry units in class and the one who bought the most books in the book sale. You’ve owned more journals than you can count, and the blank pages in the back of your favorite books are a jumble of your own thoughts. One day, you tell yourself, they’ll be worth millions, for here lies your earliest work.

Your parents will be worried about you, and…

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In the dim moonlight
She walks slow in her path
He tries to follow close
But is lost in the dark
Her scent is heavy
Fills the air around
He is deeply mesmerised
By her faint humming sound
He hides in pitch dark
So may be he could brush past her skin
Her olive skin glows and his soul is on fire within
She turns with a start,
a surprise fear in her deep eyes
Any mortal man would be mesmerised whether foolish or wise
She steps away further
fearing unknown
He is pulled towards her,
like leaves in the wind are blown
They are now facing each other,
the night stands still
He knows he is ready
to bow at her will
Her hair is like shadow
Forever blowing,
like grass in endless meadows
He kneels before her
She moves her gaze
He pinches himself softly
To get him back from his daze
Touching her honey kissed hand softly,
He confirms his reality
Looks above and thanks the heavens
For showering upon him
This exquisite piece of beauty.

I do- I don’t.

This article took me awhile to write. Not because it is interesting , but because there are so many myriad ways to put it. So many opinions. I am writing this based solely on my judgement and thinking. If you think otherwise then so be it.

Maybe we have all watched too many fantasy movies or Disney films growing up, because our expectation of a perfect relationship or perfect partner is not in alignment with our soul intent. And then there was Mills and Boon to create a false assumption of Tall Dark and Handsome lovers who would sweep us off our feet on a God damn white Horse and gallop towards never ending sunsets! Click! Wake up!

We are all here on earth simply to enjoy our time, live with the flow and eventually do as the society demands (some do otherwise, and they have all my respect) whether we like it or not.

Whether we like it or not, we all have our Belief systems based upon our own thinking on how we want our relationship to be. Having said that, we then try to mold our partner into what we want them to be , disregarding whether the other person likes it or not. Most of the times, our partner out of love may change and adapt; but then how long?

To be honest, these belief systems usually end up in bad marriages, broken relationships and utter disappointment.


He loves Italian. She loves Thai. She hates the sight of Pasta. He cannot understand the oriental way of cooking. She compromises.  He compromises. They go eat out . Once. Twice. Thrice. He tries to make her like Italian and vice versa. Argue about each other bad taste in food. Eventually, dislike for each others liking gets dragged into every other little thing. Is it mandatory that you dine out ONLY with your Partner? Why not dine with a friend or acquaitance who loves to eat what you love. Why not eat an altogether different cuisine that you both may develop a liking for?

Dating for 4 years. Societal beliefs say you should be marrying. The woman wants to. The Man doesn’t. If he says Yes, he is a good, responsible and dutiful lover ( I am not saying this, the society is). If he says No, then he is self centered, egoistic and only using the woman for his physical benefit! ( the society again ) What stupid thinking is this? Why should a woman gain all the sympathy is a relationship? What ever happened to personal choice? First you push him to marry you, then you blame the soul on how terrible he is at being a Husband!

Married.  “I love your Mother. You MUST love mine as well”. Why?

 “I go along with your brother like a house on fire, you don’t even consider to talk to mine!” Why is that necessary?

I Married YOU. I go well with your family , that is enough,. Whoever said we got to be eating out of each others hands?!

She is the cheesy romantic love fool wit all the social sites flaunting ‘madly in love’ display pictures. He is the private anti-social sites person. She loves being social with a big circle of friends. He loves his cliched circle and personal life She feels he doesn’t have a life. He thinks there is more to life than social media.. Perfect personal opinions about themselves. But imperfect opinions about the other person.

Expectations VS Reality

Why can we not do this? Receive anything your partner has to offer as a gift rather than expecting. Why do we expect? I understand this is Human nature, but why do we do it to an extent that the other person gets frustrated?

54588_20130224_060643_179686_10151392655597900_605880592_nIf you feel like you aren’t getting what you need out of the relationship and you have tried to inform the other of your feelings, try coming from a place of love rather than expectation. It is actually fulfilling to seek something in love rather than expectation. Read again. I have used to the word SEEK. Do not DEMAND. Just ASK. Your partner is an individual with a life of their own. If there is something that they cannot give you, then do not push them. One can only give what they have. How can you seek optimistic opinion from a pessimist? What happened to the person inside you? Demand the person INSIDE of you to fulfill your desires. not your Partner. Be patient, they will most likely come around when they feel it is right, not when you are seeking it.

Rather than blaming your partner for your frustration, have you paused and asked yourself why do they anger you so  badly? Let go of the expectation.  The universe is responsible for the love between you both and it will keep pushing you towards each other. You need to understand better and break down the stories you have created. If you choose to leave based on your partner pushing your buttons, your next relationship will be even more challenging and the cycle will continue to repeat itself until you have learned the lessons that are required.


He liked her. She liked him. He gets her a ring. He asked. She said Yes. Now, do you really think , that you bought her outright with that ring? Do you women really think that Just because you have said YES to him , you have done a massive favor on his existence? If you both think this way.. then you need to think again. Not about the relationship , but your Mental Health!

A ring, a promise or a commitment should all provide a sense of happiness and belonging. Not ownership of the individual!

“Here take this ring, as a sign of my obsessive possessiveness, that binds you to me and only me, for the rest of your god forbidden living life!”

Having a sense of ownership over our partner is a common assumption that needs to be let go of in order to live in harmony. We forget we are two individuals. we have come together for our liking of each other and we have agreed to be on a emotional and physical level together.  We all want to love and be loved in return.  Now I am not saying go out and be intimate with whomever you please because your spouse does not have ownership over you, however if your spouse did choose to engage in such an activity, know that that has nothing to do with you. It is their loss or their gain. It is their regret or guilt if they think so. Or it could be an eye opener for you and them for a reality check! At some level, whether it be subconscious or conscious, your spouse felt they needed that experience. Again I repeat, it is a personal choice.I am not here to promote cheating and polygamy.

We live in a sick world! So many beliefs, so many assumptions and so many systems that we have grown with over the years. A very wrong belief is that the partner should say, behave, ask, do and provide for the other person. A belief that once in a relationship your world should and only revolve around the other person. What we do not understand is the pressure to do these things is so much that we get depressed eventually, and the person for whom we have been doing things bears the brunt of our depression.

We all are individuals with a unique and beautiful mindset in its own right. It is entirely our own personal decision whether or not we want to share our joy and sorrows with the other person. Our own desire whether we would like to provide service, love notes, words of love, public display of affection or any such thing.

Derek Lovell, in his article about relationships, says, “If the thought of leaving a relationship comes up a lot, especially when the other is leading you to a place of anger or frustration, DO NOT LEAVE! ”

I beg to differ. Do not leave, until when?  Times change, people too. Accept change. Don’t get accustomed to a standard behavior.

Someone who’s in an abusive relationship may read this and see the words DO NOT LEAVE and think that somehow following the above advice will mean the abusive partner will change. They won’t. Thank you. Seek help!

You and only you alone know your limits. Use them for your benefit. If something is bound to happen it would happen under any circumstance. And if something has to fall apart, even a whiff as delicate as a  of baby’s breath can crash it down like a mountain of playing cards.

Now all the while that you were reading this if you were thinking of having a reality check done on your relationship, then may be its time to have an individual reality check upon your own self!

P.S. Relationships are simple. We make them complicated. Respect ABOVE Love! Live and Let Live. Bonding doesn’t always have to be under a blanket! Thank you!

She was a Writer , She Wrote

In the loneliness of her room, she laughed until she could cry

There were none to wipe her tears,so eventually they dried

Inside into her million pieces she broke…

Outside she was a Writer, she wrote.


She felt her lips and remembered, how his passionate kisses felt

She glided her hands on her cheeks, Imagined his touch when she would meet

Inside into her million pieces she broke…

Outside she was a Writer, she wrote.


She touched her waist and thought, how he would grab her that fast,

The memory of their first date was fresh, she wanted to forget her last

Inside into her million pieces she broke…

Outside she was a Writer, she wrote.


His hands had the warmth, no fire could suffice

She couldn’t believe how alike he was and so very nice

Inside into her million pieces she broke…

Outside she was a Writer, she wrote.


He made love to her and she would blossom, like a flower towards the fresh dew

She would freeze the moment and hold back time if only she then knew

Inside into her million pieces she broke…

Outside she was a Writer, she wrote.


She wants to now put the pieces back, complete the puzzle of life

Somehow the pieces are missing now, leaving her in pain and strife

Inside into her million pieces she broke…

Outside she was a Writer, she wrote.


She has since forgotten how to smile, he took the last of her joy

But he gave her memories to last a lifetime,

Only with her, he turned from a Man to a Boy

Inside into her million pieces she broke…

Outside she was a Writer, she wrote.


The knock on the door brings her back, to the current state of life

Somewhere the Man her soul loved, must be thinking of her too.. beside his wife.

Inside into her million pieces she broke…

Outside she was a Writer, she wrote.


She forces a smile wishing it wasn’t true,

The colors of her Life, now Black, White and Blue..

Inside into her million pieces she broke…

Outside she was a Writer, she wrote.