The One Secret To Long Lasting Love Is This

As per me, It may not be the only secret. However, It is the strongest one!

Thought Catalog

From a young age I knew on some level that my purpose was to be a conduit of love. Giving to others wholeheartedly and not expecting anything in return was my normal mode of operation. In fact, I grew up as a little adult rather than a child; it was attributed to my independent nature but also my upbringing at home. I related more to my parents, grandparents, and family friends then my peers. With all the love I received from them, I felt safe and secure. However, I was often in the position of being the rock and source of stability for my loved ones. Friends, classmates, colleagues, and even complete strangers have always reflected back to me similar sentiments, “Marisa, do you know that you are all love?”

After two long term relationships with good men who were both incredibly different from each other, I experienced both flips…

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