And this May Be is Love.

Beautiful sunsets and long walks

Stolen kisses and late night talks

Rosy after morning glow

Butterflies in the tummy and a lot more

Love isn’t all this

This is only the start

A charming start, with whom you shall soon part

Part away and know

This is not really true

That someone somewhere who was made for you

Isn’t always infatuated, saying I love you

You two had a Life, before the other walked in

And now all that you do is get under their skin!

 You curse the poets, who wrote about love

Cupids are evil, so are the Doves!

Change your better half,until you cannot relate

Then they become the worst half

With whom you always debate

Rose tinted glasses lose their rose

Anger and frustration reside on your nose

And when all is done and gone

You shall still be waiting for the perfect one..

Only to realise it was all right there

While you were looking everywhere

That perfect isn’t what we get

Love never is a game or a bet

It is an ongoing journey hand in hand

All you need is a little bit of understanding, not a Magic wand!


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