You for Yourself.

My Last post for the year 2014. Lessons learned, wisdom earned!

A little moral support

A rub on the back in need

A strong grip on your wrist

Few tears of gratitude on your dying soul’ s seed

They may give you the courage

They may say the very words

One may even walk a mile with you

You may assume it’s your true soul mate, with your first, second and third

Daddy dearest may hold your finger,

Mother darling may soothe your broke heart,

A sibling may hug tight all your broken pieces together

Close friends may raise a drink and make you laugh.

Mentors will motivate

Critics will make you strong

Every other person , who is not You, will differentiate your rights from wrong

This is your picture, this is your story

Everybody else is just a spectator

And eventually will be your good , bad, fondest or most despised memory.

Easy to preach, hard to practice

One shall build teary castles of their sorrow,

But to another, shall shower, bookish words of wisdom with ease!

So listen hard and make it clear

Everything someday comes to an end, no matter how dear

Learn to laugh at yourself, as you do to another

Some days you may cry and whine,

But another morning, make your own sunshine!

You are only Human, you are just a man

There is a lot more you can conquer, than you think you can

So when in doubt, with no one around

Build you own fortress without a sound

Make sure to use all your life’s burdensome boulders

And remember to weep on your very own shoulders!


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