Twilight Eyes

Her eyes as the stars of twilight fair

Like twilight’s too, her dusky auburn hair,

The world within her eyes, was a mess of Gorgeous chaos

Enthusiastically dancing their own sweet tune.

Their own sweet vocabulary, a beautiful language he then learned,

With his poetic words her love he earned

The glory of a sunrise in her eyes,

The Calmness of a sunset in her eyes,

Sometimes Calm, sometimes Wild,

Fierce look of a wounded tigress

Innocence of a new-born child

She talked, but he only heard what her eyes spoke,

Eyes that twinkled at his sight

And calmed the hurricane in his head

Like shooting stars, her piercing looks,

An Author could write on her eyes, a million books

She whispers she doesn’t care, when hurt with her own misery,

Heart bleeds and stains her soul, every hurt into a story.

So when he did walk away, she closed her eyes,

Every beautiful compliment now, would always sound as a harsh lie,

She shut the world in her eyes so hard,

Her make-up ran down, wet and cold,

Once his world was in her eyes,

Now he sees her eyes, everywhere in the world!


Lessons from Mister Pencil

When I do my writing , I do a rough draft on paper. Given to my love for technology and my patience with the typewriter; I Never use them! I usually write with a Pencil ; solely because I can erase it and rewrite; and if the tip ever gets blunt I can sharpen it to my liking. Over and over again.

The other day when I sharpened my Pencil, I realized how similar it is to each one of us.

1. Every now and then, we got to stop writing and sharpen our point to make it better. The pencil does lose on its wood but its sharper than before. And so do we, when problems surround us , we do suffer but come out, much more wiser and stronger than before.

2. It doesn’t matter how good a Pencil is, what matters in whose hand it is. We are pencils here. You and I. What we should not be forgetting that God guides us along a path and we are here to walk on to that path. We may forget our purpose, but lets not forget there is a hand up there that is watching over us. We are all here, albeit for a short time. We may conquer the world but we shall always get as per his will!

3. The exterior barely matters. No matter what print or how fancy looking the pencil is, what matters is the Lead inside. An artist would know when sketching, which point does he need to use. A blunt point, a darker lead shade, a fine lead and so on. By now you must have got my point! What is inside you is what matters. Each one of us is unique and good enough to make an impression in its own way.

4. The eraser was invented for a reason. It allows us to rub out any mistake that we may make. So basically, making mistakes is not a bad thing. What is important is to amend them and do the right thing.

Now on when I write, I realize,  its not my words that are important, its the Pencil that I am using!