In the dim moonlight
She walks slow in her path
He tries to follow close
But is lost in the dark
Her scent is heavy
Fills the air around
He is deeply mesmerised
By her faint humming sound
He hides in pitch dark
So may be he could brush past her skin
Her olive skin glows and his soul is on fire within
She turns with a start,
a surprise fear in her deep eyes
Any mortal man would be mesmerised whether foolish or wise
She steps away further
fearing unknown
He is pulled towards her,
like leaves in the wind are blown
They are now facing each other,
the night stands still
He knows he is ready
to bow at her will
Her hair is like shadow
Forever blowing,
like grass in endless meadows
He kneels before her
She moves her gaze
He pinches himself softly
To get him back from his daze
Touching her honey kissed hand softly,
He confirms his reality
Looks above and thanks the heavens
For showering upon him
This exquisite piece of beauty.


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