Give a Damn!

The less you give a damn, the happier you will be,

Life always won’t keep you high, So get off that arrogant tree!

Promises are made to be broken, this you shall realize someday,

The Sun was shining all the while, you forgot to make some Hay!

These words may sound confusing, Let me say something to you lot,

Open your eyes , live life your way

Go wild, be free and let your hair out!

Are you thinking about something, that doesn’t let you sleep?

Don’t give up on it, please take that leap, That road would be fun however steep!

Life seldom gives a second change again,

You rather rub some happiness on your sore moment of pain.

This is your life here and now, so start living,

It could either be a lesson or a blessing

Either way you ‘ll have nothing to lose, It’s in your hands what road you choose!

A road too smooth they say can lead to hell,

Life is a bitch anyway, so please don’t in regret dwell 

Hold yourself responsible, for only what you say

Someone doesn’t understand, please let them go your way

After a while, it wont matter anyway!

Your shoulders aren’t to carry, the world’s heavy cross

Sympathy you gain , but only you compensate your loss

You fancy a certain someone? Go tell before its too late

Time is never gonna wait for you, Go ask them on a date!

One night stands and failed relationships, are not for regret,

The lesson must be well learnt and enjoyed. Move on and don’t fret!

The person in the mirror, should look you in the eyes

A twinkle there you should see, all but truth with yourself and no lies.

Life is too short my darling, Go try your bloody damn luck,

Someone’s liking is not your problem to worry

Please learn to give a flying fuck!!












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