What If This Is The Last Time?

If at all you knew the day you would die, would you do things differently?

We probably would. Because we would then try to sum up everything we wanted to do within that time frame. Then again, would it be fun enough to live? Knowing that every passing day is taking  you one step closer to your end?


A  famous author one night got a call from his mum’s nurse. Next flight , he was on his way back home. The author had many best sellers to his name. A motivational speaker, corporate trainer, noted speaker and so on. His credentials were proudly attached to his name. However on the flight that night, a son was going back to his ailing 78 year old mother, who he just got told had few days to live.

When he entered his Mum’s room he could hold his tears. He cried and hugged her. He knew after a few days this moment would be a memory. He cried himself to sleep next to his mother. When morning broke, he woke up to see his mother peacefully sleeping. First thing he did was check her breath. He would never do that otherwise. But now that he knew she was dying he felt the need to do it.

He felt he had two options now. One was to cry and brood everyday knowing that fact that mum wouldn’t be there for long OR second was to enjoy the last moments with her and make the best of it, so he had wonderful last memories with her.

Not surprisingly, he chose the Second option. Surprisingly , his mum lived for another whole month rather than few days!!

Rob Dargan, in his article, ‘What If  This is The Last Time?’ Says, “Don’t mourn how they used to be. That’s useless and just breaks your heart over and over. Acknowledge the natural process of things and open your awareness to the NOW. Be with them here. Maybe you let a few things roll off your back. Maybe you have to take a deep breath and allow them to be their eccentric selves. In the grand scheme of things, what does it matter?

If it were the last time, what would you do or say? Pause. Pay attention as if there are no tomorrows. Don’t hope for more time or opportunities or blindly count on it; make use of the ones you have right now. Don’t stop yourself from reaching for their hand. Keep saying I love you even if it is never said back to you. If it is the last time, make sure you lived it true to your heart. Let your heart be free. Be kind. That kindness finds its way back to you”

 Every single time you meet someone, leave with something nice. Say I love you more often than required. Give Hugs. Smile more often. Forgive. Forget. Don’t take anybody for granted. You never know; That very time could be the last time.


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