The Final Glance

To cling to you, I’ll never do,

Because I am not supposed to,

You may walk out like the way you walked in,

I did let you then, so now why create a din?

The loss if any is now mine to bear

Its for me to figure out, to cry or to care..

But the last I would do,

Is to beg you not to go..

Unless you walk out, How would I know?

Whether you were my angel who I let go?

Or the lesson in disguise to teach me about Life and more?

It may kill me inside and I may call you wrong

But I will master my ability to be strong,

Before you and after, Life has and will always go on

Sometimes I may remember you fondly, other times may think you were a moron

To hold one back or chase, will never be right

Why start an argument, why put up a fight?

Now, One advice you may want to take..

There is between us a fine crack

You may someday miss all the love

But there’s no turning back

It is a one way street, there is no second chance,

The door is now closed, steal away a final second glance!







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