Who are You?

Few days ago I bumped into a so-called ‘religious acquaintance’; that I rather stay away from. It has nothing to do with that person’s religious beliefs. What I don’t like is the ‘preaching’ on how everything that comes out of his mouth is God himself talking. This time however I was ‘happy’ meeting this person. Happy because he finally met his match at a ‘gathering’ he went recently, where a certain ‘self proclaimed fanatic-calling himself to be sent from God’ was lecturing on the ways of the world.

A conversation took place between the two. This is apparently how it went.

RA (Religious Acquaintance) : May I talk to you for a minute?

SPG (Self Proclaimed God-man): Who are you?

RA: I am Mr. John Smith 

SPG: Who are you?

RA thought he had not heard him clearly. This time a bit louder.

RA: I am Mr. John Smith 

SPG: That is your name. BUT who are YOU?

RA: I am the son of Mr. Alan Smith.

SPG: That is your relation. BUT who are YOU?

RA: I am a self employed businessman.

SPG: Alright. That is your profession. BUT who are YOU?

By now RA was a bit irritated. He thought may be, SPG was referring to more individual response.

RA: I am a Man who lives by my morals.

SPG: Now that is your Gender and your way of living. But, really, who are YOU?

RA has lost it by now. He quoted all his godly talks and the argument went on for a while. All along SPG was Silent.

RA thought He should be given a dose of his own medicine.

RA to SPG:  Who are YOU?

SPG: I am Nothing.

RA :  (wide-eyed)

SPG: I am Nothing because my body, my profession, my relations, my wealth and all the material possessions I own will term to be Nothing at the end.  As soon as I die, I will be referred to as a Body. So basically I am nothing. Because all that stays with me through my birth to death and after is my Soul. And you and I both know, soul is a spirit without form and nothing else. The soul can take any form that it pleases. But on its own it is Nothing.

This Left RA silent.  

The SPG did talk sense. And he did a good job by shutting up RA. 

“Every single human soul has more meaning and value than the whole of history.” 
― Nikolai A. Berdyaev

This is true. We struggle all through our life to become something when we are actually nothing. We belittle others judging their possessions when on the other hand we are all but a soul.  I know a few god-men and religious fanatics, who proclaim to have taken power over their soul and tell to have a one on one with their inner selves. This is not true. If one has had a deep relationship with one self then this world would have been a better place; one would have understood the true meaning of his own self. A few may have attained that state of mind but most of us haven’t. We are still a big herd running behind things we will never really own. And what we own we never learn to appreciate. Human nature.


P.S. Ask yourself, Who are YOU? 


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