..and then Man made Religion.

“Religion has convinced people that there’s an invisible man … living in the sky. Who watches everything you do every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a list of ten specific things he doesn’t want you to do. And if you do any of these things, he will send you to a special place, of burning and fire and smoke and torture and anguish for you to live forever, and suffer, and suffer, and burn, and scream, until the end of time. But he loves you. He loves you. He loves you and he needs money.” 
―George Carlin

This is nothing new. Nothing that you and me already don’t know. A Renowned Bollywood director made a movie’ OMG (Oh my God). He depicted exactly the above sentiment in the movie. The entire movie was a tight slap on the face of the religious fanatics who self proclaim themselves and then go about preaching things that they have themselves assumed . All the Blame goes to the one above. To GOD. Have You seen him? NO.  But you believe. I believe. 

But Who has given us a right to form religion based on this? Who has read what is wrong and what is right in the eyes of the supreme power above? Who has made RELIGION? We. You and Me. Because we love to form new things, preach new things and then satisfy our own selves by making our own rules! To Hell with what is going on around the world with other people! 

When is it we would understand that the biggest religion we need to follow is Humanity!! To err is Human. To correct a mistake is Human and to learn from the mistake is also Human. So who will now decide what is right and what is wrong?

A certain group of people create a certain religion and all of a sudden they are a different sect. They talk , dress  and live in a certain way to distinguish themselves from the rest. For each one of us, the religion we are born into or follow is right. We are made to believe and we do! Like a bunch of Idiots who have no power over their thinking! Most of us until our dying day would never question otherwise. Religion has blinded us to the extent that a Crow on the window is fed and considered to be the soul pf the person who may have recently died in the family where the crow usually sits and caws! Crow!! Seriously? Who has taught us this belief?

And then as If following itself isn’t enough, thee are a few who LOVE to preach! 


You love what you do. Then please do. If something agrees with your sense of judgement and understanding then you have every right to follow it with all your heart. However, at the same time, I have every right to follow what I believe and understand. If something agrees with you, it does not necessarily mean, it agrees with me too!

Two things are of prime importance:

1) “Religion is like a pair of shoes…..Find one that fits for you, but don’t make me wear your shoes.” 

2) Religion and its terms and concepts and beliefs when followed by a single individual, should affect only that certain individual. if it starts affecting the lives of others around you in a negative way, that means something is wrong!

Having said all of the above, I am no judge to decide as to what is right or wrong. Religion is nothing but a state of our mind. I have myself experienced in my close circle when people after many years of ‘following’ a certain religion suddenly withdraw and follow another. Religion hence is only a state of our mind at that given point of time. We only follow what agrees to our situation and what makes us right in our eyes.There is no one to blame but ourselves. That invisible power above is a interpretation of how we want it to be. Learn Humanity First, Religion will automatically Follow!


Bitter Chocolate

Two days ago I stared reading, Bitter Chocolate by Pinki Virani. A book on Child Sexual Abuse in India. Prior to this I have never read Ms. Virani before. On a Good friend’s suggestion , I did. And I am glad that I did. Never again will I see the world the way I used to see before this Book. Each and every numeric data, every story, every statistic, every child, every abuser leaves a mark on you.

I am halfway through it and there is one story that shattered my image of a Father. A Daddy.

A Daddy sexually, mentally and physically abusing his own little Baby Girl. All of 7 years Old. A little Girl who may have just learnt to make make her own hair, tie the belt of her little dress, feed her little doll in imaginary cups or write her entire name in a straight single line.

The story started in a dirty horrific way with her own father advancing towards her during their lonely spells. It should have ended with her complaining to her mother and others, people taking action, father being punished, girl taken into counselling, gathering her own life and going forward . But it DID NOT. She didn’t complain because her Father was in the Police! The mother and her two little brothers depended on the Father! Losing his job and shame in the society would lead to the end for all according to her. RESULT?  She is today a prostitute; pleasing to the many likes of her so-called-monster-of-a -Father.

I have no words on what to make of this story. Here is Poem on what she may have felt.

Please pardon if you find the language to be strong. There was no better way to put it down.


I heard my friend say in my childhood, ‘My Daddy is my King,

In the mornings, we go strolls hand in hand, Come Evening, beautiful lullaby my daddy sings.’

I find it hard to believe or imagine, How could she say this all?

My So-called-Father is the reason, Why in Misery now I Fall.

He has never told me any stories, but made my life into one,

It isn’t a fairy tale like others have, A struggling battle for me , and him, Fun!

Fathers hug their daughters close, to calm all her fears,

Mine did hug me too, but the touch would end in tears.

Those horrific nights I now remember and shudder, When mum and little siblings were away,

This Horrible man, I called Father, Would then come my way.

My blood and tears were all the same, a tender childhood gone in vain,

How do I trust a Man ever? Hope I never had a Father, Never.

When a little girl dreams of a man, She wants a image of her dad,

My mind has now the image of shame and pain, an unforgettable monster, my barren life had.

Now in the dark corners of this stink-clinging room, I powder, brush and fake a blush.

I await superficially and fake much more, till a callous man satisfies his lust.

I could have raised my voice then, this fate would not have been mine,

I fail to understand the concern for my mum and little brothers, to sacrifice my entire sanity in line.

I may be called a coward for being quiet, and letting a dirty animal on the loose,

The gnashes on my body remind me everyday, I wasn’t his child but a whore to use.

I too, wanted to wear pink and lace and be called a princess,

How can I suffice in few lines what that little girl’s body bore,

My Soul and The Lord; My only Witness!










What If This Is The Last Time?

If at all you knew the day you would die, would you do things differently?

We probably would. Because we would then try to sum up everything we wanted to do within that time frame. Then again, would it be fun enough to live? Knowing that every passing day is taking  you one step closer to your end?


A  famous author one night got a call from his mum’s nurse. Next flight , he was on his way back home. The author had many best sellers to his name. A motivational speaker, corporate trainer, noted speaker and so on. His credentials were proudly attached to his name. However on the flight that night, a son was going back to his ailing 78 year old mother, who he just got told had few days to live.

When he entered his Mum’s room he could hold his tears. He cried and hugged her. He knew after a few days this moment would be a memory. He cried himself to sleep next to his mother. When morning broke, he woke up to see his mother peacefully sleeping. First thing he did was check her breath. He would never do that otherwise. But now that he knew she was dying he felt the need to do it.

He felt he had two options now. One was to cry and brood everyday knowing that fact that mum wouldn’t be there for long OR second was to enjoy the last moments with her and make the best of it, so he had wonderful last memories with her.

Not surprisingly, he chose the Second option. Surprisingly , his mum lived for another whole month rather than few days!!

Rob Dargan, in his article, ‘What If  This is The Last Time?’ Says, “Don’t mourn how they used to be. That’s useless and just breaks your heart over and over. Acknowledge the natural process of things and open your awareness to the NOW. Be with them here. Maybe you let a few things roll off your back. Maybe you have to take a deep breath and allow them to be their eccentric selves. In the grand scheme of things, what does it matter?

If it were the last time, what would you do or say? Pause. Pay attention as if there are no tomorrows. Don’t hope for more time or opportunities or blindly count on it; make use of the ones you have right now. Don’t stop yourself from reaching for their hand. Keep saying I love you even if it is never said back to you. If it is the last time, make sure you lived it true to your heart. Let your heart be free. Be kind. That kindness finds its way back to you”

 Every single time you meet someone, leave with something nice. Say I love you more often than required. Give Hugs. Smile more often. Forgive. Forget. Don’t take anybody for granted. You never know; That very time could be the last time.

The Final Glance

To cling to you, I’ll never do,

Because I am not supposed to,

You may walk out like the way you walked in,

I did let you then, so now why create a din?

The loss if any is now mine to bear

Its for me to figure out, to cry or to care..

But the last I would do,

Is to beg you not to go..

Unless you walk out, How would I know?

Whether you were my angel who I let go?

Or the lesson in disguise to teach me about Life and more?

It may kill me inside and I may call you wrong

But I will master my ability to be strong,

Before you and after, Life has and will always go on

Sometimes I may remember you fondly, other times may think you were a moron

To hold one back or chase, will never be right

Why start an argument, why put up a fight?

Now, One advice you may want to take..

There is between us a fine crack

You may someday miss all the love

But there’s no turning back

It is a one way street, there is no second chance,

The door is now closed, steal away a final second glance!







F.A.I.T.H- Find…

F.A.I.T.H- Finding Answer In The Heart

Faith is what is written above. Faith is to find answer in your heart. If at all, a day comes when you have lost faith in someone or something, it is alright. What is important is you don’t lose Faith in your own self. In your own Heart, be Faithful. Have faith in your own self, because if your don’t have faith in your own self, no one else will.

Thomas Aquinas once said: 

“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”

Who are You?

Few days ago I bumped into a so-called ‘religious acquaintance’; that I rather stay away from. It has nothing to do with that person’s religious beliefs. What I don’t like is the ‘preaching’ on how everything that comes out of his mouth is God himself talking. This time however I was ‘happy’ meeting this person. Happy because he finally met his match at a ‘gathering’ he went recently, where a certain ‘self proclaimed fanatic-calling himself to be sent from God’ was lecturing on the ways of the world.

A conversation took place between the two. This is apparently how it went.

RA (Religious Acquaintance) : May I talk to you for a minute?

SPG (Self Proclaimed God-man): Who are you?

RA: I am Mr. John Smith 

SPG: Who are you?

RA thought he had not heard him clearly. This time a bit louder.

RA: I am Mr. John Smith 

SPG: That is your name. BUT who are YOU?

RA: I am the son of Mr. Alan Smith.

SPG: That is your relation. BUT who are YOU?

RA: I am a self employed businessman.

SPG: Alright. That is your profession. BUT who are YOU?

By now RA was a bit irritated. He thought may be, SPG was referring to more individual response.

RA: I am a Man who lives by my morals.

SPG: Now that is your Gender and your way of living. But, really, who are YOU?

RA has lost it by now. He quoted all his godly talks and the argument went on for a while. All along SPG was Silent.

RA thought He should be given a dose of his own medicine.

RA to SPG:  Who are YOU?

SPG: I am Nothing.

RA :  (wide-eyed)

SPG: I am Nothing because my body, my profession, my relations, my wealth and all the material possessions I own will term to be Nothing at the end.  As soon as I die, I will be referred to as a Body. So basically I am nothing. Because all that stays with me through my birth to death and after is my Soul. And you and I both know, soul is a spirit without form and nothing else. The soul can take any form that it pleases. But on its own it is Nothing.

This Left RA silent.  

The SPG did talk sense. And he did a good job by shutting up RA. 

“Every single human soul has more meaning and value than the whole of history.” 
― Nikolai A. Berdyaev

This is true. We struggle all through our life to become something when we are actually nothing. We belittle others judging their possessions when on the other hand we are all but a soul.  I know a few god-men and religious fanatics, who proclaim to have taken power over their soul and tell to have a one on one with their inner selves. This is not true. If one has had a deep relationship with one self then this world would have been a better place; one would have understood the true meaning of his own self. A few may have attained that state of mind but most of us haven’t. We are still a big herd running behind things we will never really own. And what we own we never learn to appreciate. Human nature.


P.S. Ask yourself, Who are YOU?