Lily of Love


A warm summer morning, he arrived at my door

He had brought his charming smile along, he also had something more

In his hands he held a soft tissue,

Wrapped in it was a large Lily bloom

I smiled and took a deep breath,

The Lily filled me up….

He put his arms around me….

The tiger Lily had made me swoon.

That day on, the mighty flower, was always my favorite

I’d always pick one wrapped in tissue when I passed the florist’s market

The best ones always arrived with him

On every Valentines and Birthday

Sometimes he would send one out of the blue,

With a note, ‘My Darling, I love you anyway’.

The bud always took long to bloom,

I would not have it any other way,

The longer it stayed, it reminded me,

‘My Darling, I love you anyway’.

Arguments he took lightly and I took them out of the way,

The note then said, ‘Break my heart, my baby,

But, I’d still love you anyway’

One fine evening, the lily bud arrived,

Without my lover in tow,

My love attached a note with it, that did say,

‘My Darling, I’ll pick you up at eight and I love you anyway’

Eight turned to nine and then ten,

Anxiety grew on me and so did an unknown weird pain,

The pain got a reason when the phone rang

The police said, ‘Come as fast as you can’.

The hospital walls like me, wore panic and fear,

I could barely carry myself as I grew near,

As fast as I came, I still got very late,

My love was floating away as a soul……

……in my hand a little note and his wallet.

Collapsing on the floor, I let out a loud cry,

The note was barely scribbled, how hard he must have tried…

There was that one line, which would take a lifetime of pain away…

“I‘ll be watching from afar my baby, Know in your heart I’ll love you everyday”!

Since then, there have been six summers that have gone away,

I still imagine him with a Lily bud on my front door everyday

Love will never blossom in my heart, no matter what they say…

Lilies may bloom and fade, but they’ll never be another who’d say,

“My Baby, I love you anyway”!!!









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