Two Sides

These wrenching human bonds, these cold feelings,

 I want to be an animal in a no man dwelling

I want to be free and not to answer,

 I want to break away and never falter

I do not wish to answer what is wrong with me,

There is nothing that needs to be understood, there is nothing to open unto thee.

 I hate myself for my forgiving nature; I hate myself when I bend

To other people demands and call it my responsibility instead!

I want to be a man that no one can affect; I want to be one without any defect

When my people die I shouldn’t be the one to cry,

I got to live forward, that right to myself, I shouldn’t deny.

Loved ones should be replaceable and so should be relationships

Everyone should be a competitor, there is nothing called as friendship.

Why is it we humans get entwined among us?

Is it necessary to be answerable just?

Why do we belong to someone or the other?

Why do we have a Father or a Mother?

Can there not be a heart of stone?

Can we not live on bread alone?

Do we need to have feelings and justify what we see?

Can we not bother about the world and think only about me?

Love, trust, faith we forgo, we ourselves have created jealously and Ego

We fear to use what we create, we actually never forgive and we never really forget.

We all pretend and lie to a mirror; my shadow is wicked and so is yours my dear!

If this is it, so let it be! You are no perfect either ,so stop correcting me.

If we got to live in this world, we got to have two sides

One should love on the outside, one selfish inside!

We may never agree to what is written here, but deep down this is true

Our soul’s dialogue in front of the mirror says,

“There is nothing that I love More than YOU!”






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