Only love will do no good.

One cold evening, I sat in my bed,

I cried my heart out; I recalled the things he said

I remembered the beating, felt the tremors,

I couldn’t understand the hatred, how did he believe the rumors

As a new bride I left my cocoon, to build him a nest,

My duties surpassed as a wife, I gave his home my very best

I seen around my room now, our wedding frame hung on the wall

The laughter in my eyes then, was a victory before the fall

I remember the day, I introduced my Man

My mum gave a doubtful nod, my dad a wave of his hand

The conversation we had after he left,

The words come back again now, How did I ever forget?

I was so naïve to understand my father, so stupid in love to see his worry

Why did I never bother? To hold on sometime, listen to his story?

This Man my little girl, does not seem right,

He may love you today but he’ll be eager to fight.

His future is uncertain,

His attitude is rude

You also need trust and understanding,

Only love will do no good.

The door bell rang, I jerked out of the past

I shivered on my bed, said a prayer way too fast

I prayed it isn’t the man, my father said not to marry,

I opened the door and breathed out my cry of misery.

On the door to my so-called home, stood my darling dad,

How did I not remember the biggest strength I had

His eyes were filled with tears, his arms were open wide

I ran into the safety and wished there I could hide

I cried my heart out and begged his forgiveness,

He didn’t let me go from his arms, he knew my weakness

I regained my composure and cursed myself bad,

How did I forget I have a support, How did I forget I have a Dad?


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