Limited Strength.

ImageThis is true. Its the Harsh reality that we live. Once you overcome your weakness and get the strength out of yourself it is very difficult to go back again to being weak. No, that is not Bad. But really, don’t we all need to be asked, How are you feeling today? Are you Okay? Do you need a Hug? 

Have you ever read a piece , a quote , an article or anything as such that makes you feel strong and good about yourself? I do it all the while.

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.

You are able to say to yourself, “I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along”.

– Eleanor Roosevelt.

I have had my share of sorrows and pain and grief and what ever negative adjective you can think of. At some point we all have to go through that phase. Given to my ‘Let me take responsibility for this’ type of idiotic (sometimes) nature, I have had a bit more than the others. No, don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret it a bit. I am happy I have lived the ‘horror’ to get out of it stronger and wiser than I ever was. Now some things will never be able to scare me or pull me down.

But at the end of the day , Me and You are humans. How much ever stronger you are, you too have your moment of breakdown and you too need to know there is someone to fall back on. A soft pillow to just lie on and not be strong any more as expected. EXPECTATIONS. How we Love that word. Once you know someone is there to listen, you will load all your hurts and fears onto that person’s shoulder.  To err is human and we expect the other to listen, forgoing the fact that he/she may want to talk something too.

“I am strong, but I am tired, Stephen, tired of always having to be the strong one, of always having to do the right thing.” 
― Brenda JoyceAn Impossible Attraction

I know of a couple, lets say, Mr.and Mrs. Zee. Nice couple. Strong woman. Not-so-strong Man. (the way that it looks to me) The Man’s Birthday was well planned party and I marveled the hostess prowess of the woman. In return to my compliment, this is what she said, “Sometimes it gets so hard to be strong all the time, and take initiative to do everything. Sometime  I just want to stop worrying about being the stronger person, and just let my weak side show a bit. i want to be held and told its OK.I want to relax and let my Man lead. But most of the time, I just show that I am strong, no matter how I am feeling on the inside. It just gets tiring. “

I have no clue what made her say that. I was only expecting a Thank you. But then it hit me. THIS IS US. YOU AND ME. THIS IS A WOMAN. No matter how strong she is, what she wants is a man who takes the lead. She will happily follow. Mrs. Zee was in a sorry state. She gave so much that it emptied her and there was nothing to re-fill in again. 

It doesn’t have to be couple relationship every time. It could be any relationship.

A friend’s parents were going through a Divorce. 26 years of Marriage all forgotten. 23 year old child is the stress ball for the Mother and the Father. Listening to their constant bickering, he one day broke down to me. He was taking it all in for the last 8 months and now he couldn’t. He did not want to be strong anymore. He wished he could get a ‘Divorce’ from his parents. Not a nice feeling.

I do not want to arrive at a conclusion, because some of you may agree otherwise. Being Strong is a wonderful thing, it shows you have mastered the art of living and slapping Life’ sorrows in the face. I AM a strong person and I KNOW this. But don’t we all have that one point of limit?

Know your limit. Limit yourselves to that extent. 








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