Cruel as Cruelty.

People are CRUEL. Accept it. If you do not accept this fact, one day you will be a mess. A mess created by the Cruel people. 

When I say people in the above sentence I mean, everyone. Your Parents, your siblings, your friends, your enemies, extended family, everyone. No, Do not get me wrong. I am not here to tell you how bad your surrounding is or speak bad about your loved ones. I am just saying that they are Humans and they have a RIGHT to be cruel.

Now when I say Cruel, what are you thinking it means? You must think, willfully or knowingly causing pain or distress to others or enjoying the pain or distress of others, doing something bad to someone in simple terms. For me, Cruel means Raw, rigid behavior that causes pain without pity. I firmly believe pain can only be caused by people who Love you. Who Love you selflessly to the extent of hurting you at times. They do this, because you have LET them. Let them into your inner most being.

You must be wondering why I am lecturing on Cruelty. No, I haven’t joined any Movement or NGO promoting it. It’s because I have made cruelty from my loved ones my biggest strength. My earlier article spoke about the height of strength within a person. It got me thinking what must push a person to get strong, to the extent of not being hurt again? Answer: CRUELTY.

When we suffer Cruelty from the rest of the world we; a) hate them b) never forgive them c) talk bad about them etc blah blah.

People usually have a Crab mentality. They would never climb a steep slope and if someone is; then they would pull them down. True? How simple it would be if we all worked as a colony of ants. Calling that feeling Jealousy could sometimes be an understatement

When we suffer Cruelty from our loved ones we; a) cry b) curse and forgive c) forget and hug d) talk about it and let go and so on.

The above group will be cruel because they know you that well to suggest things. Putting it in a harsh way is an option because it would pierce deep from where you would take appropriate action. If you think otherwise, then maybe it time you prove them wrong.

If you are hurt by both instances why are you treating it differently? It’s time that you use those harsh words in your favor.  Generalize the cruelty but segregate the love. Take them as your critics. Draw equilibrium. Give back what you cannot handle. Curse only what you can handle back. Remember Karma comes back. Life is a circle.

Someday you would be thankful that someone did criticize. Don’t pay heed to how they say or what they say. What you need to pay heed to, is how have you taken it. It is the job of the world to tell you what you cannot do. It is your duty to SHOW them what you can do.  

Remember, you are not here to prove your existence to anyone. But, do also remember, every night before you close your eyes you got to feel amazing about yourself. Don’t self-pity. If you pity yourself, then that would be Self-Cruelty. Inflicting Cruelty on your own self would be your biggest mistake. YOU are an individual. YOU are YOU. There can never be another who is more YOUER than YOU are! Did that make sense?

Sometimes Cruelty is good. Anything that makes you a Better person is always good. It may sound negative, but when the result is so beautifully positive, trust me, negativity can change people in a way they never knew they could.

P.S. A small Poem in dedication to Goddess Cruelty.

Oh the Goddess of Cruelty

Thou shattered my image of Reality

I can never worship your existence

But this now I know

If I got to be a better person

I got to let go

You may come as powerful,

As powerful you can be,

But don’t forget you are facing

A wonderfully strong person as ME!





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