A Little Understanding, Father.

Not all of us are born into a perfect family. Some of us grow gradually and then there are the rest who grow before our years.  There are those who give importance to their friends than they do to their family. Most of the individuals I have come across have always had a turbulent relationship with their parents. Usually the Father. For better or for worse. May be its the Father or it could also be the child. I will never know.  A relationship is a two way street. What we give is what we receive. It makes two to work. But then how do you handle one, wherein all you do is give? That is when we got to decide whether to stay or let go. Whether to take a stand or follow the same routine. Well, turbulent relationships have another write up following, as of now, enjoy this read!


Dear Father, I don’t know how is it not possible,

To not understand my said words,

You degrade your own offspring,

Go learn something from the birds.

They push their little babies,

Only when ready to fly,

And encourage them by showing,

How it is to take to the skies.

Why is it so difficult to give courage,

One good word can make a difference,

Money, isn’t everything everything you got to know,

Sometimes all I need is a little preference.

Mother may give me all the love

but you have a part to play,

I am not a baby anymore,

you’ve got to hear my say.

You may be wise over the years,

but I am no fool either,

We will never lose anything by sharing wisdom,

you’ll only Grow as my Father.

You and Me, are two individual beings,

We can never be the same,

Its your duty to teach me tricks,

Not beat me at your own game.

Daddy’s strong shoulders are every child’s hills,

But  his words are what will touch,

that tender heart will earn you respect,

My Daddy, what I am asking is not much!

A child’s duty towards its parents,

all from me lie fulfilled,

Surrendering  is lacking from my end…

…is it obedience in your books, to bow at your will?

Remember you aren’t a Hero to the whole wide world

But  you’ll always be one to your little girl,

You aren’t just a mender of broken toys,

you are a Superhero for your little boy.

Over time I think a couple of things we have missed,

It’s time to sit down and make a list,

I am, no God, either, bound by mistakes and earthly strands,

But  Daddy, you got to realize, its time for me to take my stand!
























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