Empty Nest

An Old Couple  working in their little garden, The time was evening, the sun was low

The wrinkled Man tended to the newly hatched chicks, The frail woman dug out some fresh turnips

She cried in amazement as along she dug out a small plastic car, The man ran to his wife sensing fear from afar,

But what he found was her huddled in the soil, The turnips aside, the small toy was her joy.

In her hands lay the childhood of their little boys, they reminisced  in the soft mud the years gone by.

The summer the had their first born, the following another lad,

Their youngest was born on Christmas eve, three little boys they had.

Noisy little treasures, their home was now full, they stepped in muddy puddles, built houses with straw and wood.

Matchbox cars and trucks multiplied, weekends filled with treks, sails and rides.

A strong Dad was their superhero, Lovely Mum , their comfort pillow,

Built up trains and Lego rocket ships, One dreams of being an Astronaut, another Pirate of a Ship!

They taught them to be gentle, run errands, not lie like a Log,

With girlfriends be kind and humble, Not all girls come, from the Playboy catalog. 

When their eldest left home , it broke their heart, The second was no where easy,

But what hurt most was the youngest lad, He was one of the finest they had.

Into the world they entered, their three fine boys, now the couple melts tears, holding soiled toys,

The Sun has now set and the birds are flying home, The man helps his woman alone,

Hand in hand they walk with a heavy chest, Their home is now spic and span , but they call it their Empty Nest!


P.S. A very famous Pediatric Doctor once put a sign outside his clinic. “Children are a pain in the neck when they are around, and a Pain in the heart when they are not”. If you have little soiled arms around your neck, grab them and kiss them. Someday you would wish, what you would not give to kiss them a little longer…..  



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