You only Live once!

Things didn’t go your way, you have had a horrible day,

Relax its now over, brooding over it wont help,

you may not have thought you’ll get over it, but pat yourself you did well.

Don’t take life so seriously, that someday you forget to live,

People may offer you sympathy in pain, but honestly, who has unconditional love to give?

Death’s a silent thief, he may snatch away all except regret,

Don’t walk an unending road of wishes, learn to forgive and forget.

Laugh at life on the face and Do laugh a lot,

Whatever you do, make sure you give your best shot.

Accept and Love all that comes your way, No matter hard you try , you not gonna get out alive anyway.

Fall off the couch watching a comedy and dance like insane,

Run in your boxers on a Cold night, share a kiss in the lashing rain.

No one will someday remember what you do today, the only time you will rewind it all, is on your last day,

Make it worth watching, live moments that take your breath away.

One thing you always got to remember, wink at that good-looker and give away your number,

Time shall never wait, So don’t let your thoughts linger,

If someone tells you otherwise, well, you still have the Middle finger!








One thought on “You only Live once!

  1. Leon Rebello says:

    Don’t take life so seriously, that someday you forget to live,
    Lets sleep over it and start brand new….

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