I knew it all , my Mother.

11th May 2014. India and many other countries celebrated Mothers day. There must have been so many Mothers who were thanked, loved, appreciated , pampered and so on this day. But there also may have been so many who were missed, hurt, lonely and stressed. life isn’t same for all on this planet. But I really pray, a mother must not suffer. Hasn’t she already suffered enough to bring you into this world? Why add on to it? My Mum said she had a wonderful day, I am thankful to her for her appreciation and glad that she enjoyed her day. Her Enjoyment is my Compliment. 

A few years ago, I heard a speech at a felicitation function for someone ( I don’t remember the details). What I do remember from this speech was the speaker’ s background. Not very common. But not unheard as well. A drunkard , wayward Father. A struggling, battling Mother. A tender boy of 10 watching it all. A disrupted household. A battled upbringing. BUT an protective environment. Yes, PROTECTIVE. At least his Mother thought so, he said. He said he hurts to this day thinking how he could have made things easier for her. How he could have changed his past. He didn’t, when he had to and now it was too late because she was no more. He said he had a regret and he dedicated that award to that Mother whom he lost while in Regret.

Why I told you this story is How do you think a little Boy of ten would change things for his Mother? Or how you as an individual who may have or may not have relationship with someone else in trouble change things for them? Can we as an individual change things for someone? What is it that we can GIVE? Give an EAR. Yes, Give an Ear. (No, don’t rip yours apart , please.)

 Listen. Listen when someone has to say something. Listen when someone is saying Nothing. Listen. You never know what you could be doing to that person while just listening. Sometimes our answer lies in our own problem. Sometimes there isn’t any problem But unless we let the other person open up their heart and cry and talk , we would never know where the problem lies. Sometimes some people do not open up.

If only the mother would have had the courage to open up to her son. She would have not only raised a fine individual but a Fine individual without regret,

Following is a Poem in the Memory of that little Boy’s situation. It is my imagination and hope it is a wise read.

You think I do not know Mother,the bruise on your face.

It wasn’t a slip on the stairs but my drunk Father’s disgrace.

You think I do not know Mother, dinner spilled all over the place,

It wasn’t a thieving cat as you said, but my Father’s appreciation on your face.

You think I do not know Mother, when you cuddled in bed with me,

It wasn’t for the hugs as you said, But father was in bed with someone apart from thee.

You think I do not know Mother, why I never had a little sibling,

The lie that we never need another, you paid a price for Father’s drunken kicking.

You think I do not know Mother, when you shed silent tears in bed,

The family holidays we should have had, Father was having with his Mistress instead.

Every Single sunset, you bore your own cross, every Single sunrise, you tried to gift wrap your loss,

A little Boy will soon awake and reach his arms for you, in his eyes you wanted to plant hope anew.

That little Boy Mother could sense your grief and pain, the beautiful facade you had put in front was simply gone in vain.

If only you opened your heart, we could cry to each other,

your Life would have been much lighter to know,

I knew it all, My Mother!


P.S. There are many little boys and girls all over the world who live in a domestically abused household and many Women who suffer. If you know someone, Let them know you have an Ear.







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