Made in Heaven, Sought on Earth!

I wrote this in my teenage years. Its kiddish but holds true at times. Mills and Boon have weaved a web in so many hearts, its hard not to believe. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did Writing!!


They say matches are made in Heaven, I would like to believe its True

Earth seems a difficult place, to find the real You!

The hatred , the jealousy, disrespect and mistrust,

Love is anything but beautiful now, in the face of Lust.

Grandma blushes at the memory of Grandpa’s romantic ways

She fell in love with a photograph and was married within days.

Mother laughs remembering old movies, she and Father call it a Date,

Her friends and siblings between them, For two seats they bought tickets eight.

The days are now such when the ‘man’ walks in, ‘gentle’ is far behind,

Hot, Sexy, Cool are his trend, Gone with the winds is Humble and Kind.

Oh Romantic Novels! Stop influencing my youth and starry dreams

Tummy hasn’t any Butterflies, Strawberries are lush without cream.

Hope however keeps rising like a firefly in a dark house

May be I should kiss a Frog somewhere or a little Mouse..

No Fairy Godmother, Not being a Princess is my Loss?

May be my Prince- Charming is somewhere lost or too lazy to mount his Horse!!

P.S. Matches are really Made in Heaven. Its just hard to believe at times. That’s all.





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