To Jump or Not to Jump?

Yes. Yes. My following Post was supposed to be my First Penned Poem. However it isn’t. Not because I do not want to post it; but because this piece influenced me more then my Poem this morning. It arrived through my Angel ( Yes Angel. Didn’t I tell you I believe in Angels??). This piece is not my Own writing. But what I interpret is definitely my Own.

Quite a Few of you must have read The Boiling Frog Syndrome. Honestly, I hadn’t until this Morning. 

Human Beings and Frogs are the two creatures of Nature who have tremendous power to adjust.  Put a frog in a vessel of water and start heating the water. As the temperature of the water rises the frog is able to adjust his Body temperature accordingly. With the increase in temperature the frog keeps on adjusting. Just when the water is about to reach boiling point, the frog is not able to adjust anymore. At that point the Frog decides to Jump out…. 

… Wait, before we proceed with the story further, let me ask you something. Are you able to relate to the FROG ? Or were you thinking about YOU being the FROG all the while?

Back to Mr. Frog. 

The frog tries to Jump but is unable to do so, because he had used up all his strength in adjusting with the water temperature. Very soon the Frog dies….. What Killed the Frog???

Many of us would say , the boiling water. But the raw truth is, what killed the frog was his own inability to decide when he had to jump out. 


 We as Humans keep doing it all the time. we all need to adjust to people , to situations, to problems, to changes and blah blah blah. What we fail to adjust to are our own selves. We lose track of our own inner self. We push it to an extent wherein we no longer have control over situations. 

Depression is one of the highest ranked mental illness to this date. You think that is some achievement for the human race? It is our shame that we let our inability to take over our minds and die like the frog. It is true we need to adjust; but what is also true is we need to confront at some point and take action. People will always belittle you. There will be a lot of them who will tell you you cannot do something. Get over it. 

My favorite line to emotionally weak people is ” Eat a spoon of Cement a day”. No, not literally of course. But get stronger. No one, I mean NO ONE, will make you feel better than you yourself. if you allow people to abuse you physically, mentally, emotionally, financially or whatsoever way , they would keep doing it. People love doing that. You know your Limits. You know your Boundaries. You know your Potential. YOU alone can decide when to Jump. JUMP while you still have strength. Go. Get it. Do it. If you still cannot take a step, read this again. Think over it!!


P.S. If it still isn’t working, Go and Eat a spoon of Cement!



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