Lost Vow

The Limousine glided in the church courtyard, I peeped through the woods,

The sight of her in pristine white, my teary eyes over-looked.

The white wasn’t as bright , as the glow on her face,

The twinkle reminded me of the day, I met her at a friends place.

Her maids were wearing a deep red, matching her perfect Lips,

I could still taste her passionate kisses, Oh! how dearly now I miss.

Her Veil was a trailing lace, just as she always loved,

I was also once her truly loved, never will I hurt her, I had vowed.

There was no mistake in her grace, Mistake lies within me now,

I would never forget her big brown eyes. I left her crying and how.

She gave me all her heart could, she gave love from her soul,

I let it all go foolishly, I left in her heart a deep hole.

If only I was wiser then, she would walk towards me today,

Resting her palm on her father’s arm, she seems to be walking away.

Walking towards the one who appreciated, all that I did not,

Giving her the unconditional love and no reason to doubt.

The church bells are making a noise, and so is my withered heart,

I long to embrace her in my arms and never let her go apart.

The time has past for forgiveness now, my memory slate needs to clean,

The Princess who I treated like a Slave, Is some Lucky Man’s Queen!








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